Palmetto Region Volleyball Association

2022-23 Season Multi Club Tryout Disclosure



Players who plan to participate in 2 or more club tryouts are required to complete this form online prior to participating in any tryouts. Please note that you must still complete separate tryout registrations with each club you are trying out for. Contact the individual club if you have any questions about their tryout registration process.

Please review all PVA tryout rules - click here

The goal of the region is to allow players/parents to have the option to tryout with the club(s) of their choice.

Clubs should NOT pressure a player to commit to the club or team until the player has had a chance to attend all listed tryouts.

Registration in USAV database must be completed prior to any tryout. Players must register and purchase a "Tryout" membership in Sports Engine before attending tryouts.  Take proof of this to your tryouts. 

Club may make an offer after first tryout and you may commit.

If you decide to attend another club tryout after this form has been remitted to clubs, you must notify all others within 1 hour of the additional new club tryout. Keeping everyone informed of who you are trying out for.

Once you have committed to a specific club and signed their commitment form, you are required to contact the other clubs within 1 hour and notify them of your choice. Once committed, you are committed for the entire season and can’t move unless released by club of commitment.

Failure to comply with this procedure can result in a sanction to the player.


Please direct questions to: